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Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Pair Anti-lost tracker, Key finder, Smart alarm, Selfie controller

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Track It Find It Call it the smart finder

Anti- Lost - App reminds you forgotten items

Location - App records items last Location

Item Ringer - You can use the App button on your phone to ring the finder and the App gives you the distance between you

Phone finder - Ring the phone by camera button twice

Selfies - Ringer has built-in remote control to take selfies.


 Support :- Bluetooth 4.0 for IOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 upwards

App :- Lumen Or Scan QR code on the package

Alarm :- Beep sound and light

Battery :- CR 2032H

Standby :- 12 months

Sensing distance :- 35 meters

Weight :- 8 g

Size :- Length - 3.9cm, width - 3.9cm, thickness - 5.8mm



 How to install

 1. Install Lumen  App from the App store

2. Register - Click on 'Devices'

3. Press Cam button until it beeps twice, then click + button

4. Click connect.


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