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1. Who is responsible for Customs and clearance?

All imported goods are subject to Customs clearance in your country. Therefore you the importer is responsible for the goods when they pass through Customs in your destination country. According to our general terms and conditions, you may order anything you like and we will fulfill your order, but it remains totally your responsibility to find out in advance if the products are permissible to import into your destination country, and if so what clearance requirements, taxes, policies etc apply in that country.

2. Who is responsible incorrect software upload?
We will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused on your computer, console, or other hardware / software during /or related to incorrect installation of any of our products. We will not be liable for any damage or personal loss caused by incorrect installation of our products.

3. Am I safe importing?
If you are at all unsure about importing of goods, start with here at Thirdskies Digital Electronics. Your payment is through a safe channel, your delivery is guaranteed, the products are high quality assured, and you can begin by ordering only 1 piece as a sample.

4. How is delayed Delivery handled?
If there is a possible delay due to the warehouse being out of stock, we'll contact you by email to discuss sending out your order in separate shipments, changing products, or other options. In such cases we will contact you about this delay immediately.

5. How are dispatched Orders handled?
We will send you exactly what you order, so please read descriptions carefully before purchasing.
Orders that have been dispatched with a tracking number cannot be cancelled/ reimbursed. If you can see "Order is Sent Out" in your account, it is impossible to cancel your order.

6. How is defective product with Warranty reported?
We advice our customer with goods which appear to have a problem, please talk to us before initiating complaints with PayPal or your credit card provider. Usually there is a way for us to resolve your issue quickly and make you satisfied! We respond within 24 hours.

7. What are the Warranty exclusions?
Warranties begin from the date the product is delivered by the courier. Products which develops fault during the warranty period and the fault is due to a quality issue rather than your own breakage or misuse, we will be accepted for return. However there are situations which are unlikely to be covered:-

8. What is User voided warranty?
Flashing the software or opening of the product to attempt repairs. Incorrect use product and failure to report to digital thunder immediately the failure occurs.
Warranties do not cover cases of damage to products from accidental breakage, misuse, or general tear and wear.
Returning products without prior discussion and authorization voids the warranty.

9. What is the Three day warranty (Dead on Arrival) DOA?
If your product arrives damaged, different or not working? You are protected and can make a claim:-

Create a video with photos and send to and make a request for credit or replacement which will be handled by support team.

10. How is Product warranty handled?
If your product fails within the warranty period, take photos and video and launch claims at You will be conducted within 24 hrs.

11. What is the Privacy policy?
Our security and privacy policy keeps your trusted information safe and private. This Information can only be accessed by Thirdskies Digital Electronics staff to assist you. We at Thirdskies Digital Electronics are the sole owners of information collected on this site and we guarantee that we will not sell, share, or rent your information to any outside parties.

12. Is my information Secure?
Here at Thirdskies Digital Electronics we have a secure storage system for both offline and online information to ensure that your information is well protected, but it is important that you never share your username and password with any other person. While we aim to store your personal information secure and private, we shall not be responsible for any breach of security caused by third parties, nor do we represent that Thirdskies Digital Electronics is completely secure.

13. Who will handle my Concerns?
Questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or other policy related issues can be directed to our support staff by emailing us on or through our chat service on our website at

14. What is our mission statement?
We at Thirdskies Digital Electronics strive to bring to our global customers innovative products that are of high quality through stringent controls and monitoring. We build trust and commitment to our customers so that they get the best at all times.

15. What is our vision statement?
At Thirdskies Digital Electronics we aim to be your digital store of choice at all times and give you value for your money through exceptional service to all.

16. Is it possible to choose my desired courier?
Courier services are currently preset to most cost effective service – Which comes with our free shipping. In case you desire other courier service get in touch with us at

17. What is required after return of defective product?
Kindly provide the following:- the tracking number, short description of problem(s) of defective product

18. Which products are refundable?
Only regular priced products are refundable, SALE products are not refundable

19. Is exchange of products acceptable?
We only exchange defective or damaged products

20. What is your return policy?
Our return policy lasts 30 days or 24 hours if product is received dead on arrival (DOA)

21. How long does it take to process my refund?
Once your returns are received, inspected and approved you are notified on email. Your refund will be processed and applied to your original method of payment within 14 days.