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Square 16W White/Warm Ultrathin White Panel LED Ceiling Downlight Lamp 85-265V

  • $25.99


 Lamp is ultra thin and easy to install

Led lamp is a big energy saver

Lamp is environmentally friendly

Has wide range of applications, hospitals, conferences, hotels, offices, houses


 Model - ultrathin panel led ceiling lamp

Shell color - white, shell shape - square

Input Voltage - AC 85~265V/50-60Hz, power - 16 watts

output - 1500 lumen, color - white/warm white

Temperature - white (6000 to 6500k), warm white (3000 to 3500k)

Body temperature - <60*C

Working temperature - <40*C


 1 x 16 watts ultrathin led lamp

1 x led driver

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